Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jenny Pox



I told my sister I didn't get this book just to review it. I told her I wouldn't. Well, I finished two days ago, and now I have to. I just have to.
So, the book is set in South Carolina, and has a pretty simple plot. Jenny Morton, nicknamed Jenny Mittens because she has to where gloves, gives a variant of the plague to anyone she touches. Except she's not the only superhuman of Fallen Oak. There are two more.
So, yeah. Simple. Easy. I don't have to choke on a description. And the book was awesome.
I absolutely loved how the words just flowed together, and were descriptive, but you could easily slip into the book and soon forget you were reading. I ate through that book fast than I eat pie.
I could definitely relate to the characters, and I feel they're back-stories were weaved in well.
Okay, so we're going to assume everything was perfect except the one thing I'm about to say. It was the romance that killed it. It just felt tacked on. It's kind of hard to explain, it just was. The romance felt like a distraction, and wasn't actually as important as it sounds to the plot except for as a trigger.
That's it.
I'm lazy.


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