Saturday, March 22, 2014

Some more things to keep you occupied

Since I just started one book and finished a different one I decided was to horrible for me to humanely review, here's a post of interesting stuff.

Authors on Tumblr:

John Green

Malinda Lo

Megan Spooner 

Cassandra Clare

Cindy Pon

Holly Black

Ellen Oh

Remember that kitten I posted a picture of in the first 'something to keep you occupied'? Here he is now-

I know. The picture isn't all that flattering. It's all I have, though.

Random facts that have nothing to do with books (but may have to do with words and letters):

Whales evolved from something that looked like this:
(Image from

That is why whales have hipbones, despite missing a couple crucial things, such as hips.


It takes a Venus Flytrap one to two weeks to digest a meal.


'&' used to be a letter of the alphabet. However, no one really used it because it is useless and sad, so it's gone now. Frankly, writing 'and' is much easier that drawing that thing right.


Bonobos do not kill other bonobos. In fact, aggressiveness is extremely rare in bonobo society.


 Defenestration means 'the act of throwing something or someone out a window'. The only instance I can think of that this word would be even vaguely useful is in the Avengers movie. Though I'm pretty certain that would be written on the script as 'Loki throws Tony Stark out the window', not 'Loki commits the defenestration of Tony Stark'.


These are Chinampas. They serve as a reminder that we could solve the world's food crisis if genocide wasn't so fashionable back in ye olden days.


Within six feet of you, there is probably a spider. Especially now.


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