Saturday, February 16, 2013

Welcome to YAs read YAs!

Well, I think I should start by introducing myself. I am Corinne, and I will be your humble host as you read this review site.
Why did I start this blog?
I noticed that a lot of YA (Young Adult) books were getting amazing reviews, but when I read them, they didn't seem right. Instead of being focused on the teenage-life aspects of things and making the main character sound like a real person, the authors would make it an aged-down censorship-up adult book, which is simply not the case.
So I have gathered a small team, soon to be rising, of young adults, preteens, and teenagers that review the books that we're targeted to read.
Will we always give stunning reviews? No, that's not the point. We want to base things on realism of emotions, actions, and other teenaged goodness. I've read plenty of books that do it wrong, and I will comment on that. I will mention that the book is bad if it is. I will whine about teenaged werewolves that never wear shirts. It's what I do.

Here is our team-
My sister, Robin
And I, Corinne

I will be inviting others soon.

Have a nice day!

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